Wakui Corporation was a Japanese toy maker company which produced a series of Pingu playsets in the early 2000s.



  • Pingu's Igloo Playset (includes Pingu, Pinga, Robby and Pingu's Igloo)
  • Pingu Playroom Playset (includes Pingo, Pingu's Igloo and various toy models)
  • Pingu Hospital Playset (includes a doctor, a hospital and the hospital tractor sledge model)
  • Pingu School Room Playset (includes Mr. Peng-Chips and The School Igloo)
  • Pingu Post Office Playset (includes Mr. Peng-Mail , Pingu's Father's Tractor Sledge and the post office)
  • Pingu Fruit Store Playset (includes a shopkeeper and a fruit store)
  • Pingu Ice Cream Store Playset (includes a shopkeeper and an ice cream store)
  • Pingu Bakery Playset (includes a shopkeeper and a bakery)
  • Pingu Theme Park Playset (includes Punki, Pingi, the themepark organizator and a Theme Park)